When money is stuck in ATM Then What you will do.

My Friend recently were a well-known bank withdraw money from ATMs. Enter the amount of five thousand and but not come out of cash from ATM machine. and did not get the money for a long time. my friend immediately Check own account, then discovered that the amount of five thousand rupees has been reduced from their account. My friends Like so many people, that this kind of problem two – has to be four. If ever a situation comes in front of you, you should use the following methods.

Bank complaints

– First you must undergo a complaint to the branch where your account. You’re out of money from the ATM, branch nearest his complaint in this respect may be made. After filing his complaint must keep a copy with you.

– Several banks also have ATMs in the telephone, by calling which you do not get money directly associated with the bank’s call center can give notice.

– To inform the bank within 30 days is no action on your complaint and you get your money back or banking Ombudsman RBI has brought in its complaint. To follow the link for it http://secweb.rbi.org.in/bo/compltindex.htm

What is the rule

Given the complaints last week the central bank RBI was gived banks caught in the ATM money within 12 days of lodging complaints by the customer should get. Within 12 days if a bank ATM caught in this kind of customer does not have the money then after that penalty would give Rs 100 per day.

No money to get proof

Bank at the end of every day of the recording in the morning how many notes that ATM and the money was kept, how much money is taken out that day and how many of the receipts were issued. Banks bookkeeping during a customer come to know that the money has not really. In addition, each bank ATM cameras are also involved. If someone does not have the cache after transaction, it will be something in the camera records and bank employees will get it right information.

Thanks you.

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